Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We Are In

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Yesterday (Monday) we moved the bulk of our stuff to the new house. We spent the night there, despite having only partial power and no gas and this maddening beeping from the built-in smoke alarms (or the alarm system, we're not sure which).

Pictured here is Eliot enjoying a nip of single malt scotch having finally reached a point of collapse following a very long day of moving.

Everying seemed to survive the move without incident except for one little hall table that had it's foot broken. But since it was free from Jay to start with and since he's next door to fix it, we weren't too stressed about it.

There is a snafu at the city with our inspection that is holding up getting power and gas to the house. Hopefully it will be resolved today.

We love our screen porch.

More later


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