Sunday, February 19, 2006

Scary Clowns R Us

Originally uploaded by drmacro.
I took this picture of Dada with my camera phone. We had been visiting Babys-R-Us to look at toddler toilet seat adapters and Dada wanted to ride in the scary clown car (where Bozo looms menacingly over the childs shoulder while they innocently drive down an imaginary deserted road, rocking out to the car radio, unaware of the terrible danger that waits for them. HE'S RIGHT THERE IN THE BACK SEAT! GET OUT OF THE CAR! OH NOoooo!)

Anyway, she liked it. Apparently she has not yet developed a healthy fear of clowns. Or maybe she's screaming in terror having finally spotted Bozo in the rear view. It's hard to tell with the shades on....


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