Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Close but no CO

The City showed up yesterday to do the Certficate of Occupancy (CO) inspection. Unfortunately, they were not satisfied with the state of the construction. A couple things were reasonable (wanted the gas shutoff for the dryer in the utility room, not the room behind it) but most of what he identified seem pretty bogus, like putting insulation on the drain trap on the utility sink in the garage. He also wasn't happy with there not being any grass in the yard, even though he was assured that the landscaping would start as soon as we moved in.

Hopefully this will get resolved in the next day or two, as we are planning to finish packing and move this coming weekend.

The final finishing work continues apace: they've got the kitchen countertops almost installed and have should all the stonework done today or tommorrow. Once that's done they can quickly get the backsplashes in place.

CIMG3530They have stained the exterior landing to match the stained concrete inside as well as the transition between the screen porch and the side porch.

We're still waiting for the interior lighting which appears to be backorder limbo somewhere.

So it's likely that if we do occupy the house early next week that we'll still be having workers in and out for the next few weeks as final bits get finished up.


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