Sunday, March 19, 2006

Packing Day

Today we packed. My friend and collegue Joshua and our friend and bandmate Joanna both came over and helped with getting all the furniture into the PODS pod. It was amazing.

Julie and I were both pretty stressed out from all of this and starting to fall into a state of overwhelmed indecision. At one point this morning I went wild and started sorting out all of Dada's livingroom toys in order to pack them into their (more or less) proper containers.

With Joshua and Joanna's help, we got all the big pieces of furniture into the pod in a couple of hours, leaving behind only a few essentials, like our beds, or light pieces that can easily be moved in the Explorer or maybe by the guys who will be moving the piano. Joanna put a bunch of rain-proof stuff into her pickup and took it to the new place for us (mostly Dada toys and the futon bed, which wasn't going to fit in the pod).

Julie and Dada and I expressed our most abject thanks to Joshua, bid him adieu, and then raced over the new house to unload Joanna's truck and have some food. Dada fell asleep on the way and when I got her out of the car and tried to put her on the couch in the livingroom (which we had taken over there on Friday) she wasn't having any of it, so I took it as an excuse to collapse exhausted with Dada on my chest and have a little nap.

Image006We slept for about an hour. When we awoke, we found the house cold (it was about 71 according to the thermostat), significantly cooler than it was outside. The concrete floor really keeps things cool. We had a little snack on food I had stashed there yesterday then decided to go back to the old house for a more substantial dinner.

As you can see from the picture above they've almost finished doing the backsplashes in the kitchen, which really finishes the kitchen nicely.

CIMG3548Julie's pretty sure that they gave us the wrong range (that is, not what we ordered and paid for) and I also realized while I was on the couch with Dada that they had not installed the sink properly--it is supposed to be a rimless sink, but the guys who installed it just dropped it onto the countertop like it was a self-rimming model. Not sure what that's going to mean but it has to be made right.

Tommorrow (almost today as I write this--a big thunderstorm woke me up and, being Broody McBrood, I can't get back to sleep) I'll go to the new house first thing to meet the murphy bed people and try to get the gas and electric hooked up, finish installing the window treatments upstairs, and talk to Doug about the sink. The pod should be moved sometime in the morning and the piano/pod unloader guys should show up sometime after lunch. If we're really lucky the gas company will show up at some point to hook up the gas. And if we're really really lucky the city will hook up the power. I'm not counting on either.

We are scheduled to close on the house loan Tuesday at 3:00.

It's all roaring along like a freight train, but now that our old house is much emptier we feel a little less overwhelmed by it all.


At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Kit said...

I'm loving the red cabinets. Can't wait to see the final product at the BBQ.


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