Thursday, March 16, 2006

We Have A Home (Almost)

We received word that the City issued our Certificate of Occupancy today so we can now get the gas and electricity hooked up and start living in the house as soon as we can get our stuff moved. Our plan is to spend the next three days packing like mad. The P.O.D.S. pod is scheduled to be moved on Monday. Also on Monday they are supposed to delivery and install the Murphy bed. Also on Monday movers will show up at our current house to move the piano and then go to the new house to unload the pod, assuming is has, in the meantime, been moved to the new house. While all that is happening we will be assembling all the Ikea stuff we bought, including Dada's new big girl bed.

We also have all the paperwork in place to close on the house loan--we might have been able to do it today except that there's apparently some holdup with the bank that has the current construction loan--I don't know the details. Anyway, we might close tommorrow, at which point the house will really and truly be ours ours ours! (In the sense that we will own a huge debt owed to a heartless financial institution, but it will feel like it's ours).


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