Tuesday, March 07, 2006

House Update: Almost There?

The house is still not quite ready. There was a problem getting the material for the countertops. Doug said that he would personally go to get it today (Tuesday) and start cutting and installing it. Pretty much everything else is done except for the final fencing around the carport and the driveway and installing the final light fixtures, which are still on back order.

Yesterday Austin Energy came out to assess the house's suitability for solar panels. The guy took one glance at the house and was like "yeah, you're approved". I've got a call into the installer that did Peter Pfeiffer's house--the next step is to get a quote and see if we can afford to do it now (while the city offers a rebate, it's not 100% and you have to float the cost up front).

Here are some more pictures of recent work:

This where the bar will be.

Walkway from the entry porch to the driveway

Stairwell showing the lighting, the finished railing, and the maple treads

Spotlights on the screen wall


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