Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Love You

Sunday night Dada said "I love you" for the first time. We had gone through the usual bedtime ritual and as we left her room we said "we love you", as we always do, and she said "I love you" back. We almost broke down in tears right there. She did it again last night and it was just as affecting.

This picture was taken on Sunday in Houston, where we had spent the weekend with Peggy--I had been in Dallas for the week and Julie had gone to Houston on Wednesday. She was going to return to Austin on Friday but she got sick Thursday night so I flew to Houston from Dallas instead and we stayed the weekend.

CIMG3428On Saturday, my birthday, we took Dada to the Houston zoo, which was lots of fun. She especially liked the monkeys and kept asking for "more monkeys". She also like the lions. We also rode the Herman Park train, which is a miniature train you catch next to the zoo and it takes you on about an eight-minute ride. Dada loved it--she would have been happy to ride it all afternoon I think, but it was getting on to nap time so we had to leave.CIMG3435

I spent the rest of my birthday napping and playing with Dada, which was just fine.


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