Thursday, March 23, 2006

Quantum State of Occupancy

We've been really busy the last couple of days. At this moment (Thursday AM) we have finally gotten the city to show all our inspections as passed (permit), which means the power and gas might get hooked up as early as today (but more likely Friday [I hope]). We've been showering at the old house while cleaning it out so the cleaners can clean it so Sasha and Ash can move in on Friday.

In quantum physics there is the concept that subatomic particles can occupy all of their potential states at once, only falling into one of those possible states when the particle is "observed". At the moment we are in a sort of quantum state of occupancy where we are in the house, sleeping there, eating there, yet we're not really in because there's no hot water and we can't do much unpacking for fear of interfering with the final finishing work so we're still a little bit in our old house. So it's a little strange, although we're pretty comfortable.

One very lucky break is that because the house is so well insulated, it hasn't gotten uncomfortably cold even though the daytime highs have been in the 50's the last few days, with the downstairs temperature staying steady at about 65 degrees. Julie reported that the upstairs actually got warmer over night, presumably as the warm air from downstairs migrated upstairs.

We had a little excitement yesterday--the sheet metal guy was installing the metal cladding for the bar and accidently put a nail through one of the water pipes for the sink. Oops. Not that much damage, mostly just soaked a little patch of drywall. No big deal (except the water had to be turned off and was off most of the day--I had to let the painter use water from Jay and Kay's hose bib so he could finish painting the screen wall). We were all over at the old house working on clearing out remaining stuff.

But then when we all got back to the house about noon I discovered that the metal dude was putting on the wrong kind of stuff. He had been told to use the corrugated stuff we used on the outside of the house but the design called for flat sheet metal, which is certainly what we want. So he had to pull off what he'd already done and the work was halted. Since I'm out of town today, not sure if this has been worked out yet, but there's only one correct solution.

They also finished up the exterior fence, so the dogs now have a yard, albeit a yard of hard-packed dirt and mud, but at least they can now go outside. The dogs seem to be getting the hang of the electronic dog door, at least for going out. To get them to the ground I just put a board up. It's a little too narrow and slippery, so we need to refine that at some point.

So it's all still more stressful than we would like but at least we are in the house and can see an end to the current problems with power and gas.

This also means that you can start sending mail, presents, bars of gold, etc., to our new address.


At 8:47 AM, Anonymous GranJudy said...

Congratulations! Now the real fun begins: unpacking all those boxes. Please note that your disposable plates and beverage cups and such are in boxes packed by me, from laundry room or kitchen. You will need them for that barbecue. Wish I were there (sort of). Love, GranJudy


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