Wednesday, March 29, 2006


We finally have all the inspections and permits in place: permits

Unfortunately, some higher power seems to be determined to test our humility and forebearance because yesterday we had the heaviest March rain on record. This meant that not only is our unlandscaped yard a mud pit that the dogs are determined to transfer into the house one pawload at a time but the power company couldn't trim back the trees in order to hook up the power.

But with luck this will get resolved today. We had coincidently arranged for an arborist to come out today (to trim the trees away from the house generally) but he won't go up into the trees until today's heavy weather passes. So Doug the Construction Supervisor said "mind if I do it?".

The picture above shows the completely finished car port with the fence that fully encloses the yard. The only thing missing is the fan blades for the ceiling fan, which are back ordered. As are the last few of our interior light fixtures.

So here's hoping we have power and gas by the end of the day or first thing tommorrow. If we do then the BBQ can go on. If we don't then we'll have to reschedule.

But today's forecast for the weekend says it should be warmer and dry. Here's hoping....


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