Friday, March 31, 2006

I've Got the Power! (And Cable Too)

We got the full electricity connected today around noon and the cable guys came and, after a full afternoon of toil, got the cable hooked up. Julie was finally able to watch some of the old Daily Shows and Colbert Reports she'd saved on the DVR weeks ago.

I've been able to fire up the sauna and get sweaty.

And our master shower is the best. Having the two shower heads is amazing--it's a whole new shower experience. Coupled with the endless hot water system, it could be a recipe for dependency.

The builder even got most of his stuff out of the carport so Julie could park Hank (the Explorer) it his rightful place. Sadly, Princes Daisy will have to wait until after the BBQ to go into her garage (we have to dispose of our nasty old couch and chair but we'll use them during the party).

We also got a proper wooden toy box for Dada and one of those snazy PlasmaCar riding toys, which she can use in safety now that we have the big driveway apron that slopes away from the street.


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