Friday, March 31, 2006

Cooking With Gas

Yesterday we go the gas hooked up but we didn't yet have full power and the dudes weren't able to get the Rinnai water heater going last evening.

However, this morning Doug showed up and go the Rinnai sorted and turned on the gas to the stove.

We can cook.

Having anticipated this possibility I had bought bacon yesterday. So I grabbed the trusty cast-iron skillet, fired up the range, and started cooking. It was a joy beyond joys. And the bacon wasn't too bad either (Boar's Head brand).

Even with half power we should be able to shower and run the dishwasher, which is really what's important. So only the sauna is really waiting on having the full hookup.

We should get cable hooked up today and maybe full power too, although according to the lady I talked to yesterday, it could be any time between now and the end of the day Tuesday (they promise connection within three business days). The home theater guys should be out on Sunday to install the in-wall speakers and finish cabling up the projector.

So if all goes well (as if) we should be able to watch the Sopranos in high-def glory on the big screen, stuffed from a home-cooked meal and pleasantly scented from our recent hot showers. It's a dream anyway.

Dada helped me assemble the rub for the meat for tommorrow and we had a hot breakfast out on the screened porch. The plumber is here attending to various minor plumbing issues.

I might even get a nap today....


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