Thursday, May 11, 2006

Picture from Ba

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Here is Dada admiring the picture her Grandpa Ba got for her. The picture is a signed and numbered print of a painting by Debbie Hron, who is an illustrator of children's books and also known for figurines and greeting cards (and thanks to Google I also know that she runs 5 and 10K races around the country and is also an accomplished Akido master).

Other Dada news: today she put on her pajamas by herself, which we don't think she'd done before. This means that she is now capable of dressing herself. We were pretty excited. She's also growing like a weed, measuring between 35 and 36 inches and closing in on 30 lbs. This puts her a little above average on the U.S. growth charts and off the top of the Chinese charts.


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