Monday, April 10, 2006


Because we have no budget or time or energy for landscaping and because our yard was either a mud pit or a dust bowl depending on the current weather, we decided to just mulch the whole thing in shredded cedar, which is good for erosion control, will stand up to the dogs running back and forth, smells nice, and keeps bugs away. That will then give us time to figure exactly what we want to do with the yard and save up for it.

This picture shows my friend and collegue Joshua working out some anger issues related to his quiting smoking by forking mulch like a madman.

We got two truckloads last Tuesday and Joshua happended to be at the house working with me because I needed to be at the house to meet the mulch trucks.

Unfortunately, there was no way to dump the load for the back yard over the fence, so we had to move it by hand. Joshua helped tremendously by putting in several hours of hard work--we shifted the better part of the pile that afternoon and evening. Julie moved the rest of this weekend while Dada and I were at the beach.

CIMG3598The pile in the front has yet to be moved--I was half hoping that our builder would be able to use his Bobcat to move the pile but he claims it's "in the shop".

Anyway, the pile in front will be easier to move because we just have to spread it from the pile, no need to hump it through the fence by the wheelbarrow load.


At 5:50 PM, Blogger newbuilder said...

Hi, Great looking house and family!
Nice to read about someone else with the same issues.

Doing a self build ourselve's in the UK check it out if you are interested

Good luck


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