Monday, May 08, 2006

Bike Ride Daddy?

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Julie ordered this very cool bicycle child seat and we got it mounted on my bike this weekend. The seat mounts behind the handlebars and is very stable.

Dada loves to ride on the bike--we took a couple short rides on Saturday and on Sunday we went to the Veloway, which is a 3-mile paved bike and rollerblade track in south Austin, and took a longer ride.

The picture above is Dada and her daddy out on the Veloway where we had stopped to take some pictures of Dada among the wildflowers.

Image025This bike seat opens up whole possibilities of family biking, making it possible for us to go lots of places on our bikes as a family, such as to restaurants, nearby parks, the playground, Amy's Ice Cream, and just get out and get exercise as we did on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon, as we were hanging out in shade of the carport enjoying some refreshing beverages, Dada came up and started asking "bike ride Daddy?" She was very disappointed to hear that the time for bike riding had passed for the day.


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