Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dada Update: Feb 2006

A year ago we were in Beijing, China shopping: blog post for Feb 12, 2005. Five day's later we would have Dada in our arms. Full gotcha+1 year report to come.

Dada's vocabulary continues to build--she's starting to put two-word phrases together and talking all the time. Her drawing skills are improving rapidly--only a few weeks ago she could barely make controlled marks and now she can make circular and straight marks, dots, and so on (not that she can draw actual circles or squares, of course). Julie reports that she can now identify triangles and circles as of yesterday.

She seems to be in something of a growth spurt as her appetite has improved the last couple of days. She's also cutting a molar, which seems to take the edge off her normal joyous mood just a bit.

This week we will be packing the house for the move--Dada's Nei Nei (Gran Judy) will be coming to help watch Dada while we pack and I've taken the week off work. I wish I could say it will be fun....


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