Monday, January 23, 2006

Hangin' Out

It's been a pretty quiet weekend. We actually got rain, although not enough to really break the drought. This picture was taken at the playscape at Central Market as we tried to get in a little outdoor play time before the weather completely turned. The blanket is as close as I could get to putting a jacket on her, although I did succeed in getting her to wear a jacket later that day (when we took a walk with the dogs) by pointing out that it was the "jacket with stars". Apparently she finds her very cute pink jacket to be hateful.

Dada is currently all about the books. It seems like we spent most of the weekend reading to her: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, Kitten's First Full Moon, Everywhere Babies, and so on.

She continues to build her vocabulary and has started to use two or three words more or less together (mommy? shower? clean? towel?) but not anything near sentences. She seems to have the concept of two down and we're working on counting to three.

She also decided to start sleeping in her toddler bed for reasons unknown to us. This is good because it means that Boo and would Nei Nei have place to sleep should they visit before the move.

We also played with Play Doh[tm] for the first time, which was fun. At first she didn't really know what to do with it but after a while she got into the swing of it. I suppose she'll be doing claymation animation before long.

Hanging from the bar



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