Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fun with Video: Take 1

Uploaded by drmacro

I have started to experiment with low-cost services for posting video clips on the Web and making them available from the blog. Take one is with the service vSocial, a Flickr-like free site that gives you 20mb per week of video storage.

The video is streamed in Flash format which should make it viewable in most browers, maybe even with WebTv and doesn't require you to download the whole video first.

Please let me know how this video works for you. On my computer the quality seems fine and access is pretty quick. The video itself is about 19meg, which would take a little while to download even with broadband.

The video itself was taken by Julie's cousin Steve Golden at last summer's Perkins/Sheets family renunion. It shows Dada at about 18 months, shortly before she had her big growth spurt where her legs grew to their proper length, taking her from dwarf to little girl almost literally over night.
Also featured prominently are Dada's uncle Tommy and his daughter Natalie, Dada's cousin and Peggy's first grandchild.


At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Josh said...

Video works great for me. No choppiness pretty durn good quality.

Running Firefox 1.5/Ubuntu 6.04

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous GranJudy said...

Video works great, and of course the subject matter is just the cutest ever. And did I hear Dada asking for her Nei Nei?? If not, don't tell me...


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