Monday, January 23, 2006

Interior Paint

They have done the interior wall color and cabinet painting (as of Saturday morning). They may have finished the wainscotting by now (we didn't go to the site on Sunday).

This picture is Dada's room. The wall with the vent opening will be papered with the same paper that's in her room now, a pastel blue paper with subtle line drawings of animals and such(elephants, giraffes, palm trees and huts, etc.).

CIMG2927They have also finished the finish trim for the screen porch, so I think all that remains there is to paint and install the screen itself, which I'm sure will be one of the last things to be done.

The upstairs cork flooring should go in this week, along with the floorboards. Then it's mostly a matter of installing all the electrical and plumbing fixtures, completing the kitchen bar, and installing the counter tops.

We still have to select tile or stone for the kitchen and utility backsplash and slab for the master bath.

We're starting to stress about moving--so much to do and very little time to do it. Grandma Judy will be coming out the week of Valentine's day to help watch Dada while we pack and stuff--that should help a lot.

We've started interviewing realtors about selling the house. We got some bad news in our first interview, which is that our current house is not worth as much as we had hoped--apprently whoever did the drive-by appraisal for our financing seriously overvalued it. We shouldn't have any difficulty selling it for at least what we owe but we're not going to make much profit (keep in mind that we accessed most of our equity when we refinanced it in order to fund the construction). The good news is that houses on our street sell very quickly. Two sold just recently in 2 days and 9 days. With this news I'm going to revisit the possibility of renting, although I doubt it can be made to work for us financially. But if we could work out a break-even situation that would be attractive. Our friend Vanessa has just rented her house through a management company and I'm planning to talk to them about our house. You never know....

Here are more pictures of the interior paint. The camera doesn't really capture the colors accurately but you can get an idea.

Second bedroom/office

Upstairs hallway (looking toward master BR)

Upstairs hallway (looking toward hall bath)

Dressing room

Kitchen cabinets


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