Saturday, February 04, 2006

Dada Climbing the Ladder By Herself

Dada Climbing the Ladder By Herself
Video sent by drmacro
Dada is quickly building her physical skills. In the last week or so she has learned to climb the ladder at the playscape at Central Market, where we often go on the weekend. This video is her climbing the ladder all by herself.

The weather is beautiful but the cedar pollen is horrible. Yesterday was measured as the highest cedar pollen levels ever recorded in February, and the second highest level on record. We are all clawing our eyes out and everyone is a little grumpy and grouchy.

It's particularly maddening because the weather is so nice (clear, mid 70's) but it's tough to spend any time outdoors, so we are not keen to take Dada outside to work off her energy. This trip to Central Market was in the morning, before the pollen got really bad.


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