Sunday, February 05, 2006

House Update: Almost There...

Things are rapidly proceeding toward completion. As you can see they have formed up the driveway. Not sure when the pouring is scheduled but it needs to be soon because having the driveway in place is a prerequisite for closing on the final loan, which we need to do in the next week or so in order to keep our locked-in rate.

The interior is painted, the upstairs flooring is in, and the baseboards are in upstairs (but still need to be finished). The electrical outlets and switches are about half done. The remaining electrical fixtures and all the plumbing fixtures should be put in next week. The counter tops should be coming in soon too. We have a couple final decisions to make: need to pick slab for the master bath counter and the caps on the kitchen bar columns.

The kitchen bar columns still haven't been poured--they've been formed up but the pouring got delayed by rain last week, as did completion of the last bits of the roof.

Here are some pictures of the latest work:


Driveway form detail


Master BR with baseboards, evening light

Dada's room with baseboards and cork flooring

Cork flooring detail

The cork flooring is a natural, newnewable product. It's quite durable and relatively low maintenance. It's slightly squishy like linoleum.

Downstairs with all painting done, looking from livingroom

The front entry is to the left. The white wall in the center is the projection wall, which is painted with Screen Goo[tm] screen paint, which should perform almost as well as a special-purpose projection screen.


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