Monday, April 13, 2009

High winds

Dada and I took the first bike ride of the year on Sunday. It was a very pretty day but pretty windy. We stopped at the top of the hill in Town Lake park to have a snack and gaze on downtown.

The wind wasn't really this strong but it was gusting enough to knock the bike over, even after I put the kickstand on the downwind side.

After we left the park to head home we stopped at Sandy's for a couple of ice cream cones. Julie was just done with a meeting she'd been at so she met us there. After our snack we rode home, stopping to chat with our neighbor Sherry, who happened to just pull into her driveway as we were passing her house.

A nice ride, but I am definitely out of shape. Very glad the pollen and weather are now conducive to outdoor exercise.


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