Sunday, April 05, 2009

Garden Journal: 5 April 2009: First sunflower

Dada's first sunflower burst into bloom a couple of days ago and was able to get this picture on Saturday.

Soybeans have sprouted, as have the squash in the milpa bed.

Mulched around the peas in the pea teepee with leaf-heavy compost from the compost bin. The recent rains have the compost bin working pretty well.

Added a soaker hose to the milpa bed and another to the tomatoes, soybeans, and peas. Total investment about $25.00 for hoses and quick connectors. Also bought another watering can to make hand watering easier, $11.00.

We've decided to leave the potato tower at its current height: we think that will be plenty of potatoes for our needs.


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