Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Garden Journal: 29 March 2009: Soybean patch

Given the fecundity of the potato tower we decided to pull up the secondary potato patch and plant soybeans instead. Our soybean seeds had been back ordered and finally came.

Dada loves soybeans and so do we so it seemed like something good to plant along with the beans and peas.

We also planted two hills of squash in the milpa in places where the corn either didn't come up or didn't actually get planted.

We've had a good bit of rain and everything is growing quite well.

I started putting cages on the tomatoes--got four out of six done before I ran out of steam. We ended up spending all day Sunday on an outing for BBQ so didn't get a chance to finish that task.

Did mulch the tomatoes with shredded live oak leaves our neighbor Linda had collected for us. Having a hard time finding mulch free mulch material. Tempted to buy a chipper-shredder and put bamboo through it...


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