Monday, March 16, 2009

Dada and Sunny at Maria's Taco Xpress

Yesterday Julie, Dada, and I attended our first "Hippie Church" show at Maria's Taco Xpress a South Austin landmark but someplace I'd never eaten and Julie had never listened to music at.

The show this week was by Guy Forsyth, a local musician and close friend of our neighbors the Barenaked Family.

Guy is an amazing musician and songwriter and just a huge amount of fun to see live. For his "gospel" show he augments his regular band (bass and drums) with various horns, woodwinds, and accordions. The place was packed and everyone was having a great time. Since this is South by Southwest week there were all sorts of interesting people there who may or may not have been famous, but certainly lots of dedicated hipsters, in addition to the regular Austin crowd of regular crazies.

This picture is of Dada and Sunny, youngest of the Barenaked clan, hanging out during the show.


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