Sunday, March 15, 2009

Garden Journal: 15 March 2009: Rainy Day Fun

It rained approximately 3 inches from Thursday through Saturday by our raingauge.

Filled up all our barrels and then some. Plants all very happy.

Sun came out in the afternoon today and we saw sprouts in the pea mounds at the base of the pea teepee. Three days of rain and we're all like "where is the sun? What did we do?" I know the folks in the Northwest are all "boo freakin' hoo". Of course, it will be back in the 80's by Tuesday.

While it was raining we entertained ourselves making stepping stones from a kit from the hobby store. Pictured is my attempt to honor the milpa. It's kind of fun, although after we bought the second box of cement mix from the hobby store (with a 25% off coupon, at least) we did learn that Quikcrete from Home Depo works just fine for a fraction of the cost. So we'll know for next time.

Julie picked up some interesting bits of broken tail light and road reflector on her walk with Humphrey. Now I'm thinking about other things to use as molds. The next step up would be pulling our own molds and casting into that. When will it end?

Dada and I went on a fruitless quest for pickle buckets (for self-watering containers) Saturday afternoon. Chick-fil-a says they do sometimes have buckets but the recyclers get them at random times. Guess I'll have to try in the mornings or something. Although I'm starting to think it would ultimately be cheaper to just buy the $5.00 buckets at Home Depo. But that just seems wrong.


At 9:26 PM, Blogger Catherine--Eliot's Sister said...

Never without a new project, are we? Your milpa is so pretty, though. And as usual, so earth-friendly.


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