Monday, March 09, 2009

Garden Journal: 8 March 2009: Planting peas

Busy day today.

Julie and Dada planted carrots in amongst the spinach and lettuce.

Julie planted garlic and basil in the tomato bed (basil seeds come from a basil plant off the back porch that had gone to seed).

I built the bean teepee pictured here, although since we only had seeds for bush beans, we are planting peas. I made a doorway on the north side so Dada can go into the teepee. The teepee is made from bamboo and secured with zip ties, which made the whole thing go together pretty quick. The poles are set into holes made with a little augur I picked up when I got the chicken tractors.

I also added another 3-4 inches of soil to the potato tower.


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