Saturday, March 26, 2005

Dada Firsts Report: Week 5

Dada had her first playground playgroup outing. Here is a picture taken by Julie. We played with (and munched on) crayons. We had our first visit with the pediatrician. That was fun except for the four immunization shots, which were not so fun. Nice Dr. Markley declared her fit as a fiddle, scabies all gone. She appears to be pretty much in the middle of the American growth charts (which means she's at the top of the Chinese growth charts). She had her first bites of pancake, although she didn't appear to care for it particularly. She had her first band practice at Band Aunt Vanessa's house. That worked pretty well--we set up a portable crib/play yard in Vanessa's bedroom and Dada went right to sleep in it, just like we were at home. We were then able to do some quiet playing (accoustic only). This week we may try actually hooking up the instruments to the sound system. Given that last night Dada slept through the heaviest hail storm (marble-sized hail here at the house) I can remember here in Austin, I think she'll be fine with a little loud rock and roll.

We went out for dinner at Freddie's a new, kid-friendly place in south Austin (next door to Austin landmark Jovita's). We met a couple who adopted their daughter from Nanjing about 6 years ago. They clued us in to the local Parents of Children from China group. They said that their daughter was also the best baby ever and that, like us, they were still waiting for the other shoe to drop--I had hazarded the guess that age 13 was when karmic justice would catch up with us. I guess we'll find out.

And we're spending a lot of time running after our little walking dervish....


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