Sunday, March 20, 2005

Life with Dada Week 4: Firsts Report

This is a report on the firsts we've experienced over the last two weeks:

  • Last Sunday we went to the Zilker Kite Festival at Zilker Park, baby's first outdoor festival. We went with Andrea, Hava (Marla) and little Hallie Jane (age 3). We all had a good time. Ba ba got to fly the kite he bought in China (after getting a replacement strut for the one splintered in transit). The kite was lost when another kite cut the string. We thought it was lost for good but I went back and looked a second time and joy of joys there it was. All-in-all it went pretty well. We used the sling and took the umbrella stroller for seating and backup. We went on the shuttle bus, which worked out ok, except it was a long wait in line. Dada seemed to enjoy the event.

  • Baby's first sandbox session. We bought a nice plastic sandbox and three 50 pound bags of sterilized play sand from Toys 'R' Us and set it up. Dada took to it right away, playing quietly and happily for about 45 minutes before finally requesting to come out. She's very much the little baby scientist, studying everything very intently.

  • Walking for real. In the last couple of days she's started walking for real, which means we have to be serious about the babyproofing, which we've done some more of (putting up cords, putting away the game consoles, putting up more gates). So the honeymooon is definitely over.

  • First foods: edamame (cooked green soy beans), red rice.

  • First bath in the big tub, using the inflatable toddler tub.

  • Tonight we will try our first "band practice" at A-yi Vanessa's house, which will be our first time to try to put her to sleep at a strange house. Wish us luck.


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