Monday, March 07, 2005

Back to the Office

Today is Monday. It's been a full week since we arrived home from China. We seem to be settling into a more or less consistent day-to-day pattern of existing. We've gotten a little better at getting Dada to bed with a minimum of fuss, although how much of that is due to the Benedryl we give her for her itching remains to be seen. We've made it most of the week with at most one night waking and last night she slept through the night with just the odd singular cry.

She's starting to get more confident about crawling and walking around the house and playing more or less on her own. This means we've gotten a little more serious about babyproofing. Uncle Jay and Aunt Kay came over on Saturday and we tried to do more but were quickly stymied by the old and cheap cabinets and drawers in this 40-year-old house. We got the changing table screwed to the wall and anchored the dresser in the hall to the wall, which seemed to be the most serious dangers. We did find that the two-cable cabinet locks will work for the most dangerous cabinets in the bathrooms (the little slide locks were too short and too thick for our cabinets and pulls). Otherwise we'll have to rely on removal of dangers and appropriate supervision. We'll see how far that goes. We'll probably have to rig up a gate for the kitchen (the kitchen doesn't have a doorway into the main living area so standard baby gates won't work). It made us start to wonder what percentage of the baby proofing stuff people buy actually gets installed. If our experience is typical it's somewhere less than 25%. We've had two different people give us bags of cabinet locks and such like, none of which we'll use.

I have to go into the office this week for all-day meetings so Julie will be flying solo, at least for Monday morning. Po po Peggy is coming to town later today to help out and start trying to wallpaper the baby's room.

I'm fully expecting to have a baby handed to me the minute I walk in the door at the end of the day....


At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Judy said...

Nei Nei is extremely jealous of Po Po. But she begrudgingly wishes everyone a wonderful visit. Please run that camera occasionally. Kisses to Dada from George and from me.


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