Saturday, March 26, 2005

Deconstruction Report: The Place is Gone

The Place is gone, everything except the foundation, which will, we think, be taken out at the same time they're ready to pour the new foundation. As far as I know, the actual start of construction requires that the engineering plans be finalized and that the pending soil analysis be completed (to make sure that it's not, for example, loose fill under the back half of where the house will go or something silly like that). We also have to finalize the construction financing, which we're working on. This picture is taken from the south-east corner, which is the direction from which one would normally approach the new house (that is, from here you will be facing towards the front door, with the driveway stretching away on your left, the street on your right and behind you).

One bummer is that the builder (Decker) accidently told the destructo dudes to take out the one good pecan tree on the lot. That's the shattered stump at the right edge of the picture. Decker appologized for the mistake and promissed to buy us a new tree. On the up side, I'm going to try to collect as much of the pecan wood as I can to use in the smoker. I've already got the chainsaw out of winter mothballs and ready to go.


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