Monday, March 21, 2005

Our New House: Destruction is Easier than Creation

This blog is not just about our new baby adventure but also our new house adventure. To date all the new house activity has been with the architects as they refine our plans.

But last week the builder finally started tearing down the building that was on the lot. It should be completely gone by the end of the week. Here's how it looked Friday morning:

Back part of the place in ruins

This is looking from the back of the lot toward the street.

The construction dudes said they were waiting for a "big machine" to arrive in order to pull down the front part of the building but it hadn't arrived as of Saturday. Maybe today (Monday).

Once the building is torn down we will stop referring to this place as "The Place" or the "The Warehouse" and start referring to it as "The Site". We're very excited.

The plans are coming along. We've sent the mechanical/electical/plumbing (MEP) plans to our friend Margaret to look over. Margaret is a professional electrical designer.

We've also decided to have a Finnish-style dry sauna as part of the master bath complex. It turns out that pre-fab saunas are quite affordable--about $2500.00 for a 4'x5' sauna kit that you install into a pre-framed space in a couple of hours. A free-standing pre-fab sauna that you can litterally put in the corner of a room starts at about $3500.00. Who knew?.

So it looks like construction might start in earnest some time in April, with the goal of having the house ready for occupation around the end of the year (they've told us to expect 6-9 months for construction).


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