Friday, March 04, 2005

Settling In. Still Jetlagged.

Babies don't get jetlag. Wait. They may get jetlag, they just don't suffer from jetlag.

That is,their little internal clocks are disrupted by travel, but they just have no inclination to struggle awake when they're sleepy or to sleep when they're alert--it's not like they have jobs to get back to or need to be awake to drive or operate machinery or something. So Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Dada slept til noon (prompting us to worry she was in a coma or something)after partying into the wee hours; she's just now getting back to a more local schedule, with some help from afternoon walks in the sunshine, such as it's been (to reset her internal clock).

Sure, we've made some rookie mistakes: apparently, if a child wakes up a few hours after bedtime, it's not effective to bring her into the livingroom to watch The World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel. Who knew? It sure made her mama fall asleep. But our girl is ready to go to Vegas.

As for me, I'm still recuperating, not just from jetlag but from the various -itis type ailments: first tonsilitis, now sinusitis and bronchitis. I'm taking some broad-spectrum antibiotics but have eschewed the sedating cough syrup so far (cause I'm a virtuous mom, plus Dada's not entirely ready to have her dad console her when she's really upset; plus codeine gives me freaky-weird dreams). And I'm optimistic that my intestinal problems will resolve themselves soon.

Dada and the dogs are adjusting to each other's presence; Forrest, against our expectations, is less interested and sometimes mutters under his breath she touches him (not quite a growl, but enough for me to separate them pronto). Lucy, on the other hand, tolerates a lot of touching and gets really distressed if Dada cries, running to each of us as if to say do something, you heartless people! Hard to explain to a dog that diapering is mandatory.

Anyway, the fact that I have a few minutes to write this should indicate that we're getting used to each other around here. Today I'm hoping to find the time to make Eliot a birthday cake, probably during naptime.


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