Saturday, February 21, 2009

Garden Journal: 21 Feb 2009: Oats have sprouted

This picture is of the oats I planted as eventually be fodder for the rabbits. I didn't exactly go about this is any well-considered way, so I was pleased to see that the oats actually sprouted. I top-dressed with a sprinkling of worm castings and watered it in a little.

I also top-dressed the spinach with worm castings and put some on the rose bushes and pomegranate bush.

I also cleaned out the rabbit hutch and put the doors back on. I still need to hose it down with bleach to sterilize it and make new backsplashes, which I can make from some copper sheet we have lying about.

I've also been meaning to list the seeds we've planted to date:

- Rainbow Inca sweet corn
- Sliver Queen hybrid corn
- Provider string beans (bush)
- Ornamental mix of sunflowers (in Dada's bed)
- Summer perfection spinach
- Lettuce mix


- Fummer Feast heirloom tomatoes
- Arkansas Traveler tomatoes
- Crafter's gourds


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