Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Getting Stoned?

Ok, it's a cheap joke but it's hard to come up with fresh and clever titles for these blog posts.

As you can see they're making good progress on the stone facing--looks like they might be done in a couple more days. All the iron work for the awnings and roof supports is on site and waiting to be painted and installed.

View toward kitchen
from front door
Inside the dry wall has been fully installed and a base coat of paint applied and they're starting on the finish carpentry.

Frames for awnings
The concrete for all the porches, pads, etc. has been poured (see pictures below) and all the interior doors have been delivered. It's really starting to come together.

We're planning to install a murphy bed in the second bedroom. This will allow us to use it as an office and a playroom for Dada and still provide comfortable guest quarters when necessary.

Side patio from
screened porch
With the Thanksgiving season upon us we're getting very excited about the prospect of finally being able to accomodate a number of house guests in reasonable comfort. We figure that if Dada sleeps in our bedroom (we'll have a small couch she can sleep on) then we can accomodate three couples, one in each bedroom and one in the multi-purpose room, plus somebody could sleep on the living room couch if they had to.

Here are more pictures of the latest progress....

Interior doors:

CIMG2298 CIMG2296

Front entry patio:

CIMG2288 CIMG2323

Side patio:

CIMG2291 CIMG2290

The Harry Potter room:


Upstairs hallway looking east (toward master bedroom):



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