Sunday, May 27, 2007

"Almost cut my hair..."

Happened just the other day...

or maybe, more appropiately:

Get a hair cut dad!
Get a hair cut dad!
Make it your next stop,
Down at the barber shop.
Get a hair cut dad!
Get a hair cut dad!
Come on, enough is enough;
Come on dad, grow up!"

(Austin Lounge Lizards)

Actually, I did cut my hair, five years ago.

People who've only met me recently probably have no idea that for a good number of years I was a long-haired freak, having grown my hair as long is would grow. This style choice was driven mostly by my desire for a hair style that required the least maintenance given that I have a very hard time making it to the stylist on a regular basis. It was either as long as it would grow ("give me down to there hair, shoulder length or longer...") or a buzz cut I could maintain with clippers. Julie nixed the short approach, so long it was.

But after nearly 10 years I was starting to get tired of it and it was starting to become something of a cliche in Austin--the middle-aged dude with the ponytail and beard. So it was time for a change.

DSCN0399We saved the ponytail for donation to Locks of Love.

I tried the clipper route for a while, and even toyed with shaving my head completely, but eventually settled for a close styled cut that can grow out without looking too wild.

I showed some of these pictures to Dada today and she found it pretty amusing that at one time her dad had hair as long as hers.


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