Thursday, May 17, 2007

Country Boy

Tonight I am in Guilford, CT, staying at The B&B at the Bartlett Farm, a farmhouse B&B.

Being a farm they have farm animals. The proprietor's son took me on a little walk in the evening, during a brief respite in the weather between storm systems (it had been cloudy and threatening all day, but the sky cleared as I headed to New Haven from Norwalk and the evening was beautiful, if a little chilly).

I took a few pictures of the various animals on the farm (goats, chickens, fallow deer, a bull calf and a steer, a horse, a sheep, a donkey [which apparently protects the deer from coyotes]) and this was the only good one, but it came out really nice, I thought.

Tomorrow, I have a sales call on a potential client in Guilford and then it's on to Houston to spend the weekend at Peggy's lake house with Julie and Dada, assuming I can successfully navigate the Metro North transit system back to Grand Central and then over to LGA in time to catch my flight to Houston.


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