Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Daddy Got a New Camera

For Christmas Grandpa Bill sent Eliot a very fancy camera (Canon EOS Digital Rebel) with which can be taken some pretty cool pictures.

This picture was taken at the Houston Museum of Natural History in available light as Dada ran past. We were down in the Discovery Center. The very slow shutter speed combined with the colorful surroundings resulted in what I think is a pretty nice result.

This camera makes it possible to actually capture the moment, rather than the moment after the moment, which had been the case with our older camera and camera phones. It also allows one to take a lot of pictures because it is fast. If you want to see the result and you are one of our Flickr friends or family contacts, you can see way more pictures of Dada than you should have any interest in seeing. Anyone can also see way too many pictures of our chickens [Flickr tag "chicken"] (I can now express my artistic obsession with chicken photography much more completely than before).

IMG0005I'm also very pleased with this portrait of Dada, which really shows off the capabilities of the camera.


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