Friday, November 04, 2005

Halloween Etc.

The Halloween season has come and gone and it's been fun.

Julie made a darling little lion costume for Dada for her Mother's Day Out Halloween festival. As this is a church-run program they wanted the kids to wear Bible-themed costumes. All the kids were animals except for the little boy named Noah, who was, remarkably, Noah. Very very cute.

It was a challenge to get the kids into their costumes but apparently peer pressure finally did the trick.

Here she is playing "pin the nose on the clown":


Before her school festival we went to the wedding celebration party of my collegue Kit and his bride Shay, which was a costume party on a boat on Lake Travis. The Kimber-Woods family all went as pirates, including Dada:


Grandpa Bill ("Ba") was also visiting over the weekend. He and Dada got along very well. Here he is pulling Dada in her little red wagon:


And here he is holding her with her permission for the first time:


And here is an artier view of the same event:


We were at the Burnet Rd. location of Amy's Ice Cream, which has a nice playscape and makes a great place to take Dada for a little recreation and mom and dad for a little treat (Dada doesn't seem to have much interest in ice cream).

Bill's visit was nice: he got to spend quality time with Dada and get to observe her in her natural habit. Bill got to come with us to the Halloween parties (Kit's and one hosted by Band Aunt Joanne and her boyfriend Chris) and had a really good time. The weather was perfect the whole trip, except for the violent thunderstorms that dogged him during his entire trip down to San Antonio. The skies opened up just as he was leaving the rental car place and subsided just as he arrived at his college buddy's house in San Antonio. Kind of spooky actually.

And of course we are looking forward to next year when we'll actually have a guest room that Grandpa (or anyone else who wants to visit) can stay in....

Here's one more picture of Dada as a lion, just to round out this post:



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