Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Feed Me!

Here's a picture from earlier this fall that we finally got uploaded--we took it with Julie's little spy camera on a warm September Sunday afternoon.

Dada has been going through a growth spurt the last few days and has been eating constantly. I never realized a toddler could eat that much food. She appears to have grown almost an inch over that time. It's like every time I come home from work she's noticably taller. She weighed in at about 27lbs yesterday.

KEY70035She's developed a fascination with the moon and will sit outside with me and stare at it for minutes at a time, which is pretty impressive for a toddler. And just in the last day she's been coming up to speed on stars too. It helps that right now Mars and the Moon are very close and Venus is prominent at the same time of night.

She's starting to talk a bit more and has a couple of clear two-syllable words. You can tell she's going to burst into intelligble speach any day now.

She's still being very good about bedtime--we can't believe how lucky we are. We've worked hard at having a very consistent bed time and bed time ritual and it seems to have worked. Let's hope it lasts.

CIMG2199Dada is clearly an extrovert--on Saturday we ended up at Central Market, which has a big play scape and outdoor deck, around 5:00 p.m., where we were going to pick up food for dinner and let Dada play. We ended up having a snack there, during which time Dada wandered around and made friends with all sorts of people, including a woman who had a little boy just one day older than Dada--they (Dada and the woman) played together for a long time. We ended up talking to her about adoption and stuff. The picture is from when we met for lunch at the Little Deli, a neighborhood deli where my office has lunch about once a week. There was another family next to us with this cute little girl. Dada made friends and they ate their lunch together.

CIMG2192On Friday Julie took Dada to the Veteran's Day parade so Dada could express her patriotic zeal and show her support for our men and women in uniform. They had a pretty good time. CIMG2186Dada likes trucks and guys in silly hats on little motorbikes. And she got to see a bunch of guys in kilts.


Dada is doing really well in her mother's day out program--the teachers all seem to love her and she gets along with the other kids and clearly enjoys being at school, which is good. And Julie is enjoying have a bit more time to herself. It's hard for essentially introverted parents to care for an extroverted toddler all day.

Tommorrow, 16 Nov, we will have had Dada in our arms for nine months. It seems like just a moment and forever. I look at pictures of her at that time and can't believe she was ever that small and I can't believe it's already been nine months. I think it's fair to say that we couldn't be happier. Dada is joy incarnate and as far as we can tell the easiest-going child in the world. It makes one want to knock wood almost constantly....


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