Saturday, October 08, 2005

House Progress: Painting

They've started painting the house. In this picture you can see the light green color for the siding and the currently-used dark burgundy they've put on the trim. We think that the burgundy is darker than was speced and we've asked the builder to do a sample that is a couple of shades lighter. This picture shows the dark trim color a bit more clearly:


The electricians and plumbers have been busting their humps on the inside. We ran into a problem in that the builder didn't put in big enough conduits from the console between the living and dining areas and the wall, so we had to relocate a couple of switches. CIMG1914There may still be a problem with the A/V wiring as it's not clear if the conduit that's there can accomdate the wires for the projector and the speaker. If it can't, we'll have no choice but to connect the console the to ceiling in order to provide cable conduit.

I have possibly gone a bit nuts on the home theater stuff but once you're into it it kind of snowballs. The setup will be a projector (Sony VPL-HS51) projecting onto the wall of the console and in-wall 5.1 surround speakers. This should give us a pretty nice home theater setup, although we may have an issue with making it dark enough--we'll just have to see. The Sony projector is supposed to be very bright and it won't be anywhere near the limit of its "throw distance" so I'm not too worried. Plus, we'll mostly be using this for video games and movies--we expect to do most of our workaday TV watching on the screened porch.

We're at the point where the builder and contractors are always asking us to make decisions: where should the cable wires go? What kind of light fixtures? Where will the speakers be? Cup or cone? Soup or salad? It's nerve wracking.

Julie has been working with an interior designer to select interior colors and fixtures. I think we're doing a pretty good job of keeping things within budget (thank goodness for Ikea).

According to the builder, the project is still within 1% of the construction estimate.

He said yesterday that his current estimate for completion is March 1, 2006.


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