Wednesday, February 23, 2005

One More Day

It's the 24th of February and we are preparing to head over the U.S. consulate so we can complete the final step of the process: getting baby's visa.

Yesterday was pretty quiet--we played in the big Swan Room play room for the first time, which Dada loved--she showed a lot of independence and drive, going pretty far afield for toys. After that we went up stairs for baby's bath the cream-up, followed by a pizza lunch of pizza Judy brought to the room. Finally, we left Julie and Peggy in the room with Dada to rest while Bill and Judy and I went shopping in the antique market, which was very interesting--stall after stall of interesting things in winding little streets. We spent too much money, of course. We then went back to the gem and pearl place to buy pearls, which we did, getting a great price.

Then back to the room to collect Peggy and Julie and head down for a drink, then out to dinner at the Golden Bowl for Peggy's birthday and another early evening to bed. It took Julie a little while to get Dada settled down but she seems to be developing a pretty good technique. I tried to quiet her but she doesn't yet want to be comforted by me.

Once we're done at the consulate, which should take a couple of hours of mosly waiting, we'll have the rest of the day free to do any more shopping and then pack for our early departure tommorrow (our plane goes at 8:30 a.m.).

We're looking forward to the long flight home...not!


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