Saturday, June 20, 2009

Garden Journal: 20 June 2009: Corn is Done

The corn has provided its harvest and is done. We had planted Silver Queen with an aztec multi-colored corn. The aztec corn appeared to hybridize with the Silver Queen to produce mutant ears with a few very large colored kernels and otherwise stunted Silver Queen kernels. Next year just the aztec corn.

Corn from garden


The watermelons and other melons are doing well: we have at least five watermelons and one or two other melons.

The potatoes are ready to harvest: pulled three out of the bin that were right at the surface. Need to go out in the morning so we're not doing it when it's beastly hot.

The peas and soybeans are pretty much done: the peas got outcompeted by the grass and were hampered by bad soil. Not sure about the soybeans--probably planted them too late.

The tomatoes continue to produce pretty heavily. Thinking about setting up some shade to allow them to survive the heat of summer.

The little cherry tomato continues to produce without pause.

We are now into daytime temperatures near or above 100 and probably will have through September.

Not sure what, if anything, we can plant in place of the corn in this heat. Maybe more melons.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pool time

This is Dada on our first trip of the year to the pool. She is wearing her new nose-covering mask that let's her go under water in comfort.

This looks like the year Dada starts to swim for real.