Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Amazing weekend with Dada

I had the most amazing weekend with Dada. It started Friday evening building Snap Circuits projects for the first time, which delighted and captivated Dada and reminded me how little I understand about electronics.

On Saturday we went to home depot and had fun buying materials for a small PVC greenhouse we needed to build. We worked on building the greenhouse and then switched gears to make Dada a bow and arrow, which we did using bamboo we cut from behind the house, making an arrow out of another bit of bamboo. We watched the last part of Avatar (which had inspired the bow and arrow). We played plants vs zombies on the iPad. All of us drove to P. Terry's for dinner with the top down. We read good stories at bedtime.

On Sunday we finished the greenhouse, for which Dada chose gold spray paint. Julie and Dada helped prepare the PVC parts and put on the plastic skin. We played more PVZ. We helped clean the house. We went on a 3-mile walk with the dog, both of us barefoot. Dada bought something from a convenience store on her own for the first time. We fletched her one arrow and she added Na'vi-style decoration to the bow and spent much time doing a passable Neytiri impersonation (including using a butter knife as her "hunting" knife). We had a great dinner that Julie cooked, watched The Simpsons, and then Dada helped me pack for my trip to Japan. More good bedtime stories and discussion of when I would get to Japan and be able to call home.

It occurred to me as I went to bed at I could have been playing golf or something, but I can't think of any better way to spend a weekend at home.


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