Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's Finally Hot

Last Sunday it was unseasonably hot, with temperatures well into the mid 90's, so we decided to go to "Town Lake" park (it actually has a new name but nobody knows what it is). This is a new park that has a fountain that is designed to be played in.

It was an "ozone action day" so we decided to be good citizens and take the bus to the park, which worked pretty well (it's just a single bus ride from near our house to within a couple of blocks of the park).

We all played in the fountain until we were good and tired (and a little hot) and it was time to get a treat. Dada wanted a snow cone from Snow Beach, our favorite snow cone place, which this year is located conveniently on the way back to the bus from the park (last year it was in a different location that is now in the process of having high-end condos built on it).

Dada and I waited in line at Snow Beach while Julie went on down to Sandy's (an Austin institution selling frozen custard) because she and I both wanted root beer floats.

Snow cone in hand, Dada and I met Julie at Sandy's and we had our floats and then went on down to the bus stop and waited for the bus. There was no shade at that stop but the bus didn't take too long to show up.

We stumbled back home and collapsed in airconditioned comfort.