Monday, February 09, 2009

Garden Journal: 9 Feb 2009

Got 3/4" of this morning. Filled all three barrels and a bit more. Nice soaking rain.

Pictured is my attempt to plant a tray of rabbit forage, in this case oats. The tray is about an inch deep and about 12" x 18". I filled it with bagged soil we had lying about and then spread one packet of oats (marketed as "cat grass") on the left half of the tray. I didn't bother making drainage holes because I expected it to rain little enough that drainage wouldn't be a problem. Then it rained the next day. We'll see what happens.

Julie ordered more seeds from Seeds of Change: more corn, soybeans, quinoa, lettuce, etc., about $26.00 worth of seeds.

We'd like to plant the corn and tomatoes and stuff now because we just can't believe it will actually freeze again even though we know it's entirely possible at least through the end of February.


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