Sunday, February 08, 2009

Garden Journal: 7 Feb 2009: Chicken tractor

Dada and I made a return trip to Jo Wilhelm's farmstead to get two chicken tractors that Jo had been unable to sell after our last visit a couple of weeks ago and that she said I could have.

Chicken tractors are simply any form of portable enclosure that you use to pasture chickens. We wanted to be able to put the chickens in the front yard where they could do some good for the unplanted areas, eating the grass, fluffing the mulch, and laying down some valuable poop.

Here you see one of the two tractors with its complement of chickens.

Jo also let me get a couple of water pumps, a bunch of chicken and rabbit feeders and waterers, and assorted other not-quite-junk that she still had laying about. Very excited about the pumps, which, if they work, will make setting up a small fish farm much more affordable.

Today the spinach and lettuce started spouting, so we now officially have a garden and not just boxes full of dirt.


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