Saturday, January 31, 2009

Garden Journal: 31 Jan 2009

Today I filled the tomato bed with soil from the raised beds, reducing the level in the small bed so we can use it to start tomatoes and whatever.

That chore done, we were then able to plant spinach and lettuce in the big bed. In this picture, it's spinach on the left, lettuce on the right. Shown is Julie watering the seeds with collected rain water (although we'll probably install a soaker hose before too long).

We're still working out the details on the potato tower: I added more rebar uprights as just having eight didn't allow for a tight enough weave. We're also starting to think that we might have to cut the bamboo green and then immediately weave it. We also discovered that split bamboo is sharp and splintery. Who knew?

Dada planted sunflower seeds in her flower bed.

My next project is to assemble a cold frame cover from the windows I got last weekend.


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