Friday, January 02, 2009

This is the Year That Was: 2008

You may rightly infer from the lack of blog posts the last few months that our life has become both busy and routine. Here is a rundown of what we've done since May:
  • p1000888
    We traveled to Boise to see Nei Nei's house. Shown here: Judy and Dada in downtown Boise.
  • p1000977
    From Boise to Coeur d'Alene for a little Hyatt family reunion (with some Bacon's thrown in for flavor). Shown here: Dada in a princess dress as part of the the dressup fashion show put on by all the girls (Booker declined to participate).
  • p1010072
    From there to Tacoma to see Ba. Shown here: Dada and Ba at the Point Defiance Zoo.
  • p1000905
    In traveling from Boise to Cd'A we visited Judy's friends Cris and Nanci who have a cabin up in the wilds of Idaho where Dada got to experience a little off-the-grid wilderness living and have a marshmallow roast.
  • p1000847
    We traveled to Amarillo for a reunion of Julie's family. Shown here: Julie and Dada at a rest stop somewhere between Lubbock and Amarillo on Highway 87.
  • P1000755.JPG
    We played in the new fountain in the new park downtown.
  • P1010114.JPG
    Dada started a new pre-school that is a 5-days-a-week and much closer to our house. She likes it a lot and has made lots of friends. Shown here in her skunk costume for Halloween (she refused to wear the skunk headpiece).
  • p1010192.jpg
    Dada started at a new gymnastics studio that is much closer to our house and a better fit for Dada generally. Shown here: Dada receiving her medal following the end-of-year gymnastics show.
  • We spent as much time as we could at the pool.
  • IMG_0124
    Replaced Dada's WeeRide bike seat with a tagalong behind dad's bike.
  • IMG_0060
    Went to the Austin City Limits music festival.
  • IMG_0090
    Spent way too many hours playing Spore[tm].
  • P1010221.JPG
    Reconnected with our family cache of Lego, which had been in the attic of our old house since we moved into the new house. It had been packed in a large box. We spent the better part of a weekend sorting and organizing it into the bins you see here.
  • IMG_0116
    Went to Maker Fair in Austin
  • P1010139.JPG
    Adopted a new dog, Humphrey
  • IMG_0111
    Went to the Fall Festival at St. Mark's (where Dada's school is).
  • IMG_0145
    Saw Clifford at the Texas Book Festival
  • IMG_0170
    Took several trips to Houston to see Boo over the holidays. (Shown: Not Boo's house but another house in Houston.)
  • IMG_0179
    Grew tomatoes into January (our volunteer cherry tomato plant continue to produce even now)


At 12:58 PM, Blogger Judy said...

Thanks for all the great pictures of my granddaughter. Spending so much time with her was a big highlight of my year! See you in February--- Love, Nei Nei


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