Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Now We are Four

Dada turned 4 on 29 December. We had planned a party at the Spaghetti Warehouse so we had to get home from Houston early enough to make that party. We got back to Austin about 2:30, opened the birthday presents that had arrived from relatives, and then we all immediately went down for much-needed naps.

We had forgotten to put together Dada's birthday present, which was one of those egg chairs from Ikea with the fold-down canopy. We'd bought it months before and stashed it in the garage.

So about 5:30 (dinner being at 6:00) Julie dragged the parts in and I quickly assembled it while Julie got Dada up and dressed. I was literally tightening the last little bolt as Julie brought Dada downstairs.

We presented the chair and then rushed to the car to dash downtown. Remarkably, we pulled up in front of the restaurant right at 6:00, where most of our guests were waiting for us. We had invited all our adult friends and neighbors--unfortunately Dada's China travel companion Jane and her parents couldn't make it.

We had a very nice dinner and the usual cake and then presents, which Dada liked very much. The gifts included a collection of art supplies including scissors, which Dada immediately turned to the task of modifying party hats to add little doors backed by paper with Hello Kitty stickers. We also cut down some party hats to fit the Dora doll she'd been given.

Overall a very pleasant birthday. Dada likes all her presents, although between Christmas and birthdays and travel it's hard to even have played with everything yet.


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