Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Forrest's New Pal: Helen

Following the passing of our basset Lucy, we discussed getting a new dog, in large part so that our remaining basset Forrest would be a little less lonely. We noticed that the Central Texas basset rescue people would be at PetCo a couple of Sunday's ago so we went down to talk to them.

However, I had misread the date and they had been there the day before. Doh!

However, the lady who manages the cat rescue at that PetCo said that she had the perfect cat for us, a sweet cat that likes dogs and doesn't like cats.

We met the cat, Helen, and decided she would be good. I had said in the past that I would only have a cat if it could do its business outdoors because I never wanted to step on cat litter again. But we decided we'd give the cat a try.

She is so far a wonderful cat--she's about 18 months old, already spayed, as almost all her shots, is house trained. She's very friendly and well mannered and very smart. So far she's proved to be the least neurotic cat I've had.

The only downside at the moment is that we were cautioned in no uncertain terms not to let her outside for three months to ensure she doesn't flee. Not sure I can make three months but we have taken pains to keep her inside, including blocking the dog door, which she had already figured out how to use. So that's a little annoying but not that big a deal.

We are enjoying have a cat in the house--she's very playful and likes to be wherever we are, generally brightening up the place.

And the upstairs Roomba seems to be able to deal with the cat litter.


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